Made of : Heavy duty elastic stretchy string 

Symptoms: uneasy, seeking peace.

Dr Orders: Relax and feel more balanced.

Warning: This may cause extreme sexiness 

Free Gifts with purchase 
Free ankle bracelet 

All waist beads are freestyled NO 2 Waist Beads are alike they all come with charms and spacers 

Hand made: they are made of glass seed bead; excellent decoration for you to feel more feminine and beautiful 

Various usage:

How to wear: 

Step into your waist beads and roll them up. Or pull over your head and roll down. 

Weight Gain & Loss: If your beads roll down that means your are loosing weight if they roll up you are gaining weight

.*Please take a look at our size chart to determine your size and where you would like your waist beads to fall.

Prescription: Multi Vita Waist (3) Strands Price



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