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Made of : Heavy duty elastic stretchy string pre-tied waist beads
Symptoms: Blocked Chakras
crown: body disconect poor sleep habits. Difficult to meditate, body disconect
3rd eye: headaches,depressions , hormonal. Poor intuition
throat: thyroid problem sore throat. Cant express feelings heart & mind disconect
heart: heart disease high blood pressure. Lack of empathy fear and intimacy
solar plexus: poor digestion low blood sugar. Low self-esteem lack of willpower
sacral: painful periods, infertility. Low sex drive creative block 
Dr Orders: Relax and feel more balanced.
Warning: This may cause extreme sexiness
All waist beads are freestyled they all come with charms and spacers
(2)  Custom strands / Check Size chart in photo gallery for reference.

Prescription : (3) Chakra Block

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Chakra 2